Raise, feed, play and battle with your very own pet emoji!

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How it all works

We create fun, social and competitive games that you can play just using text in all of your favorite messaging applications. Still confused? Imagine you are sending a message to your friend, instead of saying "Hi" you are saying "Joe attacks Frank", you are turning the whole chatting experience into a game!


You can play our games on any phone simply by texting the phone number listed! Using just text you will then be able to communicate with the game and play with it!

Facebook Messenger

Not really into texting? Enjoy using Facebook Messenger more? No problem! You can play all of our games in Facebook Messenger very easily with all of your friends!


We are a small gaming studio that is passionate about creating new gaming experiences. We love using chatting applications and love games even more! So we figured why not combine the two experiences. Installing games is so 90s... We believe text based gaming is the future and want to show everyone how awesome those kind of games can be!