Gamifying The Chatting Experience

Messaging is the next big gaming platform and we want to make it easy for developers to build and distribute their games on all the popular messaging apps.


Game Publishing

Building games that can be played within all of the popular messaging apps is not an easy task. We want to fix that by solving the distribution, marketing and discovery problem for you. We are looking for amazing new innovative ideas to publish for this new platform, if you have any let us know!

Building a Web Games?


Have you built a mobile friendly game using HTML5 technologies? We want to see it!

Are You a Writer?


Built a game using Twine? Or have an amazing idea for some interactive fiction? We want to hear about it!

Contact Us

Game Engine

We provide tools that make it easier to build and publish games on messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Kik. It's not an easy process getting games built for these platforms, we want you to focus on creating new and innovative games and nothing else!

Gaming Portal

There are already amazing games being built for all the popular messaging apps but they are almost impossible to find! We want to help both developers and players with the discovery problem by creating a gaming portal to find all these amazing games being made.


We are a small gaming studio that is passionate about creating new gaming experiences. We love using messaging applications and love games even more! So we figured why not combine the two experiences. Installing games is so 90s... We believe message based gaming is the future and want to show everyone how awesome those kind of games can be!